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Rinkuskiu Kartusis
Rinkuskiu Kartusis

Alk. 5,0 % tūrio, 12,° Plato, 50 BU, 0,33l


„Rinkuskiu kartusis“ - expressive aroma and intense bitterness Ale type with rich amber color beer. In Birzai land exchanges characterized by extremely steep, gypsum saturated water that beer provides additional flavor expressiveness.


The chief brewer of Rinkuškiai:

Rinkuškių kartusis - beer brewed from barley malt and two kinds of hops. Only in this basement beer discover aromatic Yelow Sub hops. These form the aroma of hops and of bitterness. Bitterness base adds a Magnum hops.



Ingredients: Water, pale barley malt, yeast.



Anno 1991 - Alaus darykla RINKUŠKIAI