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Rinkuškių Naminis (Homemade beer)
Rinkuškių Naminis (Homemade beer)

7,5 % ABV

Rinkuškių NAMINIS beer is traditional homemade beer of Biržai region that has been brewed by many generations of brewer Čygas family. The beer received the certificate of Lithuanian national heritage. It is unfiltered, natural beer you can taste only at Rinkuškiai beer restaurant ALAUS KELIAS. 


NAMINIS is brewed with barley malt, hops, special yeast and water in original wooden barrels. It is darker in color, thick, with scarcely noticeable carbonation and a long lasting thick foam. Feel the sweet taste and aroma of barley malt balanced with high bitterness of hops.


NAMINIS beer is not pasteurized, remains fresh 7 days only.






Anno 1991 - Alaus darykla RINKUŠKIAI