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Rinkuskiu Porter
Rinkuskiu Porter

5,6 % ABV, 13,3° Plato, 0,5l


Rinkuškių Porteris – dark brown porter with the taste of caramel and sweetish aroma.


The chief brewer of Rinkuškiai:

Rinkuškių Porteris is brewed with pale and two extra dark color caramel malts, based on exclusive technology. Four kinds of hops are used: bitter Hallertau Magnum hops, noble Saaz hops (also called Žateckij by the Czechs), also Tettnang Tettnanger and Hallertauer Tradition hops. Exclusive taste and flavor of the beer is achieved by long fermentation. 




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Anno 1991 - Alaus darykla RINKUŠKIAI