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Rinkuskiai Alaus kelias
Rinkuskiai Alaus kelias

Alc. 5.5 % ABV, 14,2° Plato


Authentic Biržai region lager beer “Alaus kelias” (Beer tour) is characterized by slight malt sweetness. Light amber color topped with a firm white head, full-bodied taste of malt with nicely balanced flavor of German noble hops.


The chief brewer of Rinkuškiai:

Alaus Kelias beer is brewed with pale malt based on traditional Biržai region recipe. Two kinds of noble hops Hallertauer Tradittion and Tettnang Tettnanger from Germany, Hallertau region, add beer flavor and bitterness. The beer is fermented at low temperature for 12 days and is kept cold for another 30 days.


Ingredients: pale barley malt, hops and water.


At Rinkuškiai restaurant we serve Alaus Kelias beer with an appetizer of green beans with blue cheese.



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Anno 1991 - Brewery RINKUŠKIAI