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Rinkuskiai Seno rusio
Rinkuskiai Seno rusio

Alc. 5,4 % ABV, 14,7° Plato


Seno Rūsio – Altbier style beer, deep amber in color, with a sweetish caramel taste and aroma. Bitterness is mild and stays.


The chief brewer of Rinkuškiai:

Seno Rūsio beer is based on authentic family recipe found in the grandfather’s beer celar. Seno Rūsio beer is brewed with pale and caramel malt, noble German hops Hallertauer Tradittion and Tettnang Tettnanger. The beer is fermented at cool temperature for 15-16 days and remains in cellars for another 40 days. 




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Anno 1991 - Brewery RINKUŠKIAI