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Semigallia coast BLACK
Semigallia coast BLACK

4,2% ABV, 13° Plato


Semigallia coast black – beer, black in color, topped by a thick beige head. Hop bitterness interplays with sweetish caramel malt flavor. Taste of chocolate and coffee with a hint of ripe hawberries.


The chief brewer of Rinkuškiai:

Beer is brewed with Lithuanian malt, ale yeast and water from Rinkuškiai water well, high in minerals – the water that is necessary for brewing black ale beer. Noble Saaz and Tettnang Tettanger hops add beer bitterness and flavor, beer is fermented for about a month.


Ingridients: water, barley malt, hops.



Anno 1991 - Brewery RINKUŠKIAI