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Birzenburg Dunkel
Birzenburg Dunkel

ABV. 7,5%, 16° Plato, 1 L


A little bit of history.

Dunkel (German: dunkel – dark) is a type of lager made through bottom fermentation, originating in Germany. It is one of the traditional types of beer found in Munich and is also very popular throughout the region of Bavaria. This beer has an expressive malt taste. It is a strong dark-coloured beer with the flavour and aroma of caramel.


About the beer.

This beer is brewed from a barley and caramel malt that gives the Dunkel-type beer its signature scent and flavour of caramel. The Herkules hops are grown in Germany, in a region famous for its hop-growing traditions. Once matured, the beer is filtered and poured into 1 litre glass bottles.



Anno 1991 - Brewery RINKUŠKIAI