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Travelling along Beer ROUTE you will:
DISCOVER a unique place in Lithuania - Biržai region, known as the beer capital of Lithuania
EXPLORE ancient brewing traditions of Biržai region,
TASTE Tours are organized daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Groups from 10 to 100 people are admitted. Individual persons are invited to join the groups. We offer different tours with or without beer degustation, local and international cuisine meals, educational programs and attractions in Lithuanian, Russian and English.



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Tel. +370 659 52526


Offers a whole range of Rinkuškiai beer, local food specialties like venison salami, and gourmet chocolates with beer, souvenirs crafted by local craftsmen.

ALAUS KELIAS (Beer Route) restaurant offers a wide range of beer degustation and educational programs. Exquisite cuisine, local and world cuisine specialties prepared by well-known chefs – one of the best in the region.The restaurant contains 4 halls and two terraces and can serve up to 200 guests.


Anno 1991 - Brewery RINKUŠKIAI