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Excursion around the Čygas-Kalkys brewery "Rinkuškiai"

Take a guided tour around Rinkuškiai brew house and watch how craft beer is brewed using modern appliances but following ancient recipes: brewing process, fermentation and filtration cellars, high-tech bottling plant and computer-controlled maturing process.
After the tour you will taste a full range of Rinkuškiai craft beers with our chef's gourmet appetizers, prepared to complement the taste of each kind of beer: Miežinis, Proginis, Alaus kelio, Seno rūsio, Juodasis, Port Night, Sambarių and traditionally brewed homemade beer Rinkuškių naminis that received the certificate of Lithuanian national heritage.
The historic personage Brewer Žaldokas will guide you through ancient brewing process in Rinkuškiai beer museum.

Duration: 2,5 hours

Food: Gourmet appetizers paired beers, the main meal

Beer: 8 beers

Price: 16,5 € per person

Anno 1991 - Brewery RINKUŠKIAI